Changing Societal Circumstances & Hanafi Jurisprudence

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“Since this world came into existence, it has remained in a state of constant change and alteration, and this process continues to this very day. Our experiences and senses bear witness that as our circumstances change, so too do our needs and necessities…by means of these observations, we can also begin to understand that certain rulings of the sacred law also change to accommodate major changes in societal circumstances.”


— Extract

This seminal work by Mufti Nizam al-Din Misbahi, lecturer and Dean of the world-renowned al-Jami’at al-Ashrafiyyah institute of Islamic studies in Mubarakpur (India) analyses the consideration afforded to changing societal circumstances in the rulings issued by the jurists and scholars of the Hanafi school of jurisprudence. An essential read for any student or observer of the orthodox schools of Islamic legal reasoning, this paper contains both examples of such consideration in the Qur’an and sunnah and more modern applications of this principle in recent and contemporary juristic thinking.

Author: Mufti Nizam al-Din Misbahi
Translator: Yusuf Murray
Original Title: Fiqh-i Hanafi Mayn Halat-i Zamanah Ki Ri’ayat
Format: Paperback
Size: TBC
Publication Date: expected Spring 2018
Language: English
Dimensions: TBC